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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Senior Session with family!

A few weeks ago I visited my family in my home state of WI. I love going back home to were I was born and raised! It's calming and makes me happy.
Anyhow, I took my sister's and my neice's Senior portraits! We shot at Lake Michigan and it was a super nice and sunny day out. It's a truly scenic place. Especially enjoyable since the spot we occupied didn't have much traffic at all so we took our sweet time. Always a good thing when you don't have to worry about accidentally shooting passers-by! LOL

Anyway, enjoy!

The sun was a little distracting, but we did what we could by using my California sunbounce as both a reflector and shade at certain times. I love beach settings!
Stay tuned for more photo sessions to come!
Thanks for reading!

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