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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Urban fashion shoot

These are from earlier this year but I totally forgot that I never shared them on here.
They are from an Urban fashion workshop I participated in. I loved this workshop and everything about it, from the models to the location to the styling to the makeup!

If you ever get the chance to participate in a workshop or have talented photographers around you, I would definitely recommend it! I've learned SO much from these workshops and will continue to attend them when I can.
So here are a few of my shots!

Photographer: L I V A photos
Models: Jennifer Dobranksy, Kaiya Montague, Kurt Lingenfelter, Amy Vardijan,  Chad Feyrer

Select wardrobe pieces by Kelly Lynne
Styled by: Anna Goldstone
Wardrobe Assistant: Jordan Grafe

MUA+Hair: Anna Stevens, MAK Styles Anna Stevens, Jessica Doggett, Amy Vardijan

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